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Thrive Center Aranjuez
Four Walls & a Roof
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Thrive Center Aranjuez

Our vision for Aranjuez came after our first visit on Christmas Day of 2014. We were invited to spend Christmas with a “small” group fo children that work the coffee fields. We left Matagalpa and headed up the mountain changed vehicles twice only to find out that when we thought we had arrived to the top it was time to get out and walk the rest of the way straight up carrying all that we brought for the celebration. It took several tries to get to the top that day. When we arrived we were unprepared for our experience and all that God had planned. As the ladies were busy cooking and preparing food we waited for the children to arrive listening to stories of the mountain side when we see some movement coming from across the way and down out of those mountains came children from all directions covered in mud it had been pouring all morning they were carrying baskets full of coffee beans from theirs day work. 

Most were very shy, undernourished and small for their age. That day we played games, sang songs and ate until their little bellies were about to pop. We walked away that day knowing this was so much bigger than we were.. but, taking great comfort knowing nothing is to big for our God! 

We began praying and seeking God for His direction which led us in January of 2015 to start a nutrition program 3 days a week and sharing Jesus during that time assisting with medical needs, clothing and shoes. The children were faithful to come their shyness was replaced with joy and laughter lots of laughter. Little bodies that were once frail and under weight have become plump with full little faces smiling from ear to ear! Tiny little voices singing praises to God and reciting scripture and recalling the history of Gods Word. Amazing, transformation!! Was all we could think, as well as knowing ..No one but God can do this and He had a plan all along!!

Now, while standing their in the awesomeness of our God our hearts still felt heavy, we knew that this group of 48 children meeting on a small porch that could barely hold them all at one time was just a small fraction of the number of children on that mountain there were still more but we were out of room.. but, God still had a plan! The summer of 2016 God sent His people to visit the ministry and during that stay property was purchased and the fundraising for the THRIVE Center was underway! 

See the BUILDING Project for more information.


We currently have tripled in attendance and serve 6 days a week! We are a nutrition, bible class, tutoring and  library center with church service on Tuesdays and Sundays. God is faithful!!

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