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of Grace

Hands of Grace Missions

Planting Seeds to Grow Hope and Change Lives!

Through The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.


In Matagalpa, Nicaragua there are a multitude of street children and teens spread out in various neighborhoods throughout the city. Children as young as 7 connecting with gangs, most with addictions becoming thieves. Some are on the streets out of pure rebellion while others do to abuse and many other reasons in the home. READ MORE

Our Mission

"Planting Seeds to Grow Hope and Change Lives."


Hands of Grace is committed to. -Mark 16:15


Hands of Grace Missions is a registered 501c3 nonprofit Christian organization founded in 2012. 

Harvey and Rosemary Baxter founded Hands of Grace after a mission trip to Nicaragua in 2011. They are committed to sharing The Gospel of Jesus Christ, helping to provide education opportunities, important life-skill training, nutrition, medical needs and clothing to those in need. Offering a hand up not a hand out.

To bringing preventive awareness to At-Risk youth and their families, as well as work to establish relationships with the children and youth living on the streets to help and provide them with a safer and more productive way of living.

Hands of Grace currently has two centers located in the surrounding area of Matagalpa  that run daily. 

To God and Him alone be the glory!


Please consider planting a seed for their future. 100% of your donation goes to helping them directly. Every donation is tax deductible though Hands of Grace Missions.

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Thank you for helping to make a difference in their lives!


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Hands of Grace GIVING Goals as of 2023
Four Walls & a Roof
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T-Shirt Sale to benefit
Four Walls & a Roof


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